Frequently Asked Questions

We provide medicines that belong to the following categories – pain medications, opioid drugs, sedatives, sleeping pills, and others. Note that we only deliver products if you have a prescription from the doctor. It is necessary so that there are no chances of developing health issues or addiction using the medicine.
Firstly, you need to understand that no two similar drugs can have the same effect on your mind. That’s why it is essential to buy the medicine that your doctor prescribes. More so, a generic drug is the same drug as a brand one. However, there is a difference in pricing and maybe some other aspects as well.
Yes, it is absolutely safe to purchase medicine from our site according to the prescription you have gotten from the health advisor. More so, it will have a registered effect on your health without developing any issues. Also, you can consult your doctor in case of confusion.
Yes, you can apply the coupon code when placing the order and avail of fantastic discounts on the overall purchase. Make sure you apply the same code that’s currently visible and applicable for your order.
No, it’s not necessary to have the drug prescription as there are many dealers who contact us to get the refill of certain medications. There is no need to worry as the drugs we have are all legally approved by the FDA for various health issues. More so, if you are purchasing the medicine on your own, then you should have a word with your doctor before applying to its use. Furthermore, it will keep you safe from the harmful issues of the medicine.
If you want to change your shipping address, you must inform us immediately. If the order has not been dispatched or processed, you can modify your delivery address. However, if the order has been already processed or dispatched, you cannot change your shipping address.
Yes. We provide attractive discounts, special offers, coupons, cash-back schemes and other freebies throughout the year. Check our website frequently to know more about our offers and discounts.
No, we do not provide any medical assistance. If you have any queries about drug use, you must take them to a health professional for proper advice.
All of the visibly available medicine on our website is useful in treating mild to moderate health issues. More so, it is essential that only an adult can make the purchase from the site for their required medication.
We are able to keep the prices so low as we practice fair prices for the medications that we sell. Also, we get them directly from the manufacturers, which ultimately cut down the cost of the middlemen. Furthermore, if you have any second thoughts, you can refer to other sites as well.
We provide free shipping.
Our customer care executive will be happy to give you a tracking number so that you can get to know the existing status of your order at any time.
Once you are ready to purchase the meds from our site, you can undoubtedly contact our customer team for any of your queries. It is indeed one of the best ways to resolve an issue as we are available at your service 24*7. Moreover, you can contact us through our support email, or the contact number is given on the “Contact Us” page.
Though we emphasize packaging and delivery of quality goods, there can still be some chances of getting meds in not-so-perfect condition. Thus, in any such case, you can reach out to our representative and ask for the return and refund schedule of the parcel. For more info, you can read our “Return & Refund Policy” given on the website.
Once we receive your complaint regarding the refund, the process may take about 24 to 48 hours to complete. Thus, we would advise you to wait for 48 hours after making the complaint patiently. More so, you’ll surely get back the amount to the same source of payment.
Our team works continuously to deliver you the best services from our end. However, if you receive the wrong package, we will surely escalate it to the managing team and bring in the suitable parcel to your doorstep.
Currently, we are delivering our goods and services under the province of the United States. We cover every corner of the country and deliver the goods in the best condition.