Our website’s operations are always done while keeping intact the personal and private information of our customers. While you are visiting the web page, make sure that you read all the details to know the policies we endeavor in terms of the privacy of our viewers or users.

Here, you will undergo the policies regarding data collection, usage of data, and disclosure of personal data. It is mandatory for us to need them to provide you with the services of your choice. We do use your data to improve the service that is delivered by our end. By using our service, you are allowing us to collect and use your information according to our company’s policy. For your knowledge, we have given a set of terms that will help you understand better.

Storing data from your Cookies

On your device, there is a small portion of data that is stored by the cookies. We use them to know your choice and preferences so that we can manage our services as per your requirement.

Data Controller and Data Processor

The reason for us to act as Data Controller is to determine the purpose for which we need to collect your personal data and then process it accordingly. Also, we may use various Service Providers so that we can process your data more effectively.

Protection of classification

There are certain characteristics that are protected by the user as per the law of the USA. These categories can be as follows – race, color, citizenship, medical condition, physical/mental disability, gender, genetic information, and others.

Also, we keep our users’ sensitive data intact and does not allow any third party site to look through it. The following information may relate to – racial or ethnic origin, biometric data, data concerning the health of the person, or data that contain the sexual orientation of the individual.

Information Collection and Use

After taking the consent of our users, we collect different types of information for various purposes and provide them with the best of our services. To be precise, the data that is collected is mainly Identifiers (to obtain the identity of that individual), Personal Information, Protected Classifications, and internet activity within the last few months.

Any person who likes to withdraw from sharing any such info with us can do so by exiting the web page then and there. It will not affect any lawfulness of the process. Afterward, if you still continue with our services’ usage, it means that you agree to terms that we have already discussed here and above.

Personal Information

The information that defines the identity of a particular individual but does not limit to his/her name is the personal data of a user. The usage data that we collect from the user is either generated by the use of the website and the service or through the service infrastructure. For example, if a user visits the page, then the data obtained in that duration is automated.

The identifiable information that we collect includes the following –

  • Email Address
  • Complete name of the user
  • The address that consists of – State, Province, Postal/Zip Code, City
  • Cookies that are saved on the current device
  • Usage Data

We would like to remind you that the use of your Personal Data can be done to contact you with newsletters, promotional schemes, and other such information. It will only be done if you opted for it by your end, which means you are free to opt-out all as well.

Use of Data

The data that is collected for various other purposes are listed below –

  • To deliver and maintain the best service
  • To notify our user about the changes on the site
  • To provide customer support by our team
  • To analyses the provided information and update it with time
  • To monitor the usage of services
  • To detect technical issues
  • To inform you about special offers

Third-party sites

We want you to be sure about the sharing of your data with third-party websites. The ads that are displayed here are not from us but from third party sites. In case if there is a fraud of money or your personal data from their end, then we do not take any liability for that.

Disclosure of Data

There can be certain times when we may be obliged to disclose your personal data with the country’s law enforcement. The legal requirements for which we may disclose your data are –

  • To abide by a legal obligation
  • To protect against a legal liability
  • To defend the legal rights of the website
  • To tackle and investigate some wrongdoing or cybercrime
  • To protect the safety of our users and their services